The Designer

Founder and designer, Ivana Danilatou may have started her career in fashion as a model when she was 14 but she’s been drawing shoes since childhood. Upon moving to Greece and needing sandals for summers in Paros, she took her drawings to a shoemaker. When the resulting shoes let her down, she decided to make them herself.


“As an expression of individuality, I design for myself first and I’m a woman who makes her own rules.”


One shoe design course turned into daily studies of the art of handmade shoes. After gaining an in-depth understanding of shoe construction and skills in the handcrafting process, she began making shoes for herself, her husband and her close friends until one day, her mentor encouraged her to make her first collection. From there, Ivana Grossi Handmade Shoes was born.

For Ivana Danilatou, designing shoes was predestined: her grandfather was born in Puglia – the “heel” of the boot of Italy and home of Italian shoemaking. In Serbia, she studied law and pursued a career as a fashion model for such designers as Dior and Sergio Rossi, and as the host of her own television host. On marrying a Greek and moving to Greece – where she now lives with her husband and 2 children – she studied the art of shoemaking and design before launching Ivana Grossi handmade shoes in 2019.

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