Supporting your feet with properly fitted shoes is crucial not only for your comfort but also for your overall well-being.

If your shoes cause discomfort or pain in your feet or even other parts of your body like lower back, hips and legs, you have signs of poorly fitting shoes. A shoe’s shape can contribute to fit issues by being too narrow, wide, pointed or short or you might just have a shoe size issue.


Stay Grounded

If you stand on your feet all day, are running around after the kids or have a desk job, you’ll surely understand your wellness has a connection to your feet. In Hinduism, the belief that certain energy points on our bodies, called chakras, can be meditative focal points corresponds to the energy of our feet.

Our feet connect us to the earth and we can derive energy from it. Consequently, chakras on the soles of our feet create energy centers that positively contribute to our sense of well-being. Balanced energy flow in our foot chakras provides a sense of safety, stability, vitality and life force. Even without knowing anything about chakras or energy flow, sore feet can lead to feeling tired and cranky. Shoes that fit, therefore, help eliminate foot soreness.

Get Fit

You shouldn’t have to suffer for beauty and fashion. Properly fitted shoes should be comfortable, with enough room for you to move about during your day. Wearing your shoes all day leads to minor swelling that your shoe should be able to accommodate, also. With a proper fit comes proper arch support as to not cause shin pains. And, you will notice you have better posture with a better fitting shoe as your body will be in alignment, starting from the ground up.


Having a custom designed shoe and working with a handmade shoe designer has many benefits. During your consultation, your shoe designer will not only measure your feet but also trace your feet so that the proper size AND shoe shape are considered. Your shoes should always be wearable and comfortable along with being fashionable and suiting your personal style. 

Properly fitted shoes with comfy flats in soft suede that forms to your feet Properly fitted shoes Properly fitted shoes

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