Ivana Grossi Handmade Shoes

We sat down with the always stylish, founder and designer, Ivana Danilatou to discuss all things shoes and, her brand IVANA GROSSI.

Ivana Danilatou Founder & Designer Ivana Grossi

IGJ: What are your favoured, enduring shoe styles?

ID: I love boots. They show leg in a way that is enhancing but not over exposed – I feel almost protected. Plus, they go with everything. Boots are a whole vibe. I also have a soft spot for comfy heels.

IGJ: You start your style with shoes then what comes next when getting dressed?

ID: I decide between skirt or dress based on what’s appropriate for the day, schedule or event. Then I keep accessories minimal. I’ll wear the same earrings for a week, and I choose necklaces for the energy that’s needed for the day. I’ve worn the same perfume for years.  Accessories should be stable and grounding.

IGJ:  For your shoes and handbags, you work mainly with leather?

ID: I select all the materials myself and only the best, high quality Greek leather. Leather has the best properties for handmade shoes, being strong and durable. As the designer it is also important that I also choose all the parts and accessories for shoes and handbags, including handmade crystal adornments.

IGJ: You’ve perfected the art of shoemaking and you’re also designing handbags. Is there another accessory favourite you’ve set your sights on for Ivana Grossi?

ID: I think belts will be next! In Greece, it’s an accessory we are known for with quality leather and handcrafted belt buckles.

IGJ: Here’s the question on everyone’s mind: How many shoes do you currently own?

ID: I have no idea, but they are everywhere: under the bed, in my car and my office is obviously full of them and yet there’s always room for more. My husband, son and daughter – we are all shoe people!

IGJ: You followed your passion and learned shoemaking, inside out then created your own brand of shoes for which you are the designer. What advice do you have for other emerging designers and creatives?

ID: What I believe is that if you make something you like and believe in, it will work. I can only design things I believe in. There was a time I was too shy to wear my own style, to have my own unique style. Then I made shoes for myself, and other people – friends, family and even people I didn’t know – would tell me they liked them, too. I wasn’t looking for that outside validation, but it did give me a certain confidence which paved the way for me to create IG.


Ivana Grossi Handmade Shoes
Ivana Grossi Handmade Shoes
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